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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

  • Category: Phobias
  • Format: mp3 Instant Download
  • Session Length : 26:14
  • Price: $19.97
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How many holidays, business opportunities and just plain travel have you missed out on due to your fear of flying? Statistics over and over again have shown that it is safer to fly rather than to drive to a destination, yet this fear remains with you. Something in your past, a news article, on observation, an overheard story or even a movie may have initiated this anxiety. You are not alone, but many people have achieved an enjoyment of flying and you can too!

Eliminate the anxiety of flying with the Hypnosis mp3 Download – Fear of Flying

The longer this fear goes untreated the more profound it can become. This session takes you slowly into a comfortable state of mind which you can easily and powerfully go to on your own and at any time. Listen and relax with the Hypnosis mp3 Download – Fear of Flying and you are on your way to a new rewarding, satisfying lifestyle enjoying all the outings you could not before.

Invest in yourself today!
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